Teun Wisse

EarlyByrds Pandhof Teun

Teun Wisse is a student of Heiko ter Schegget at Conservatorium Utrecht. Before that he studied for two years with the AMT Young Talent Class, led by Erika Waardenburg. He received masterclasses from Marion Verbruggen, Dorothea Winter, Conrad Steinmann and Pedro Sousa Silva. In addition to his recorder playing Teun also studies oboe with Frank de Bruine and Musicology at Utrecht University.
Teun regularly gives concerts and was a price winner in competitions as Prinses Christina Concours and Stichting Jong Muziek Talent Nederland, where he was awarded the prize for best interpretation of a contemporary piece. In 2012 he received the second price in the finals of the International Recorder Competition Niedersachsen.
Teun plays the recorder because, for him, the basis of music is singing and no other instrument is so close to the human voice.